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Collaborate with me to create your personalized piece - from style to stone choices.  All commissions will be based on the stone value + time taken to create and design your piece.  To further personalize, you may ship your own stone(s) directly to me to be wrapped in your commission.  Mock-up sketches, design options, and a quote will be provided before work on your piece begins to make sure you are involved in the creative process.

Start your Commission

Fill out the form below to begin your commissioned piece.  Each option has example sections below the form.  You can also provide a picture of what you would like to be referenced for the design.
For the note, add as much detail as you would like in order to help me best design your piece.

Wire Color(s)

Start my Commissioned Piece!


Price Estimates

starting commission prices ~$40-50+ with stones provided

Commission prices are negotiated based on wire/stone cost + design and creation time.

Pure Argentium Silver would add ~$25-80 depending on the amount of wire needed

Simple Wirework


Intricate Wirework





Example Wrapping Styles

Can be used to define what you would like along with your other notes


Designed to hold and present the stone beautifully and simply


Sweeping arcs, swirls, and delicate wirework


Busy wirework, weaving, braiding, patterned wire, coils, and more


Sharp and shaped edges, geometric shapes involved in design


Often asymmetrical, flows with the stone choices and shape of the cabs

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