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General questions and Policies

Can I send in stones/crystals for my commissioned piece?

I have made dozens of personalized pieces from stones sent in by customers - or you can always pick from my vast collection!

What are your Shipping Policies?

  • USA: For purchases $100+, free shipping

  • International: For purchases $150+, free shipping

How do I best take care of my Handmade Jewlery?

  • Avoid letting it get overly wet - i.e. avoid the rain, shower, pools, etc.

  • Do not pull/tug at any wires

  • For cleaning, a soft microfiber or glass cleaning cloth can remove smudges and fingerprints

My piece broke, can you fix it?

These artisan pieces are made with care to last; but without any guarantees, I am happy to work on any repairs or replacements on a case by case basis.  Please contact me for more information if applicable.

What type of wire do you use?

I have many wire types/options: pure Argentium Silver, pure Copper, Silver Plated Copper, and Copper Enameled

If you have any additional questions or suggestions please feel free to reach out, thank you!

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